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The FarmComp department was designed to help you get more out of every acre. We look for programs both with NRCS and elsewhere to find ways you can improve your land, increase yields, and ultimately increase your ROI. We have found the NRCS EQIP program to be a great way for growers to get excellent technical and financial assistance.


We are a certified Technical Service Provider (TSP) through NRCS. This means we can create the plans for certain practices through NRCS. Instead of working with your county office to get your agronomic plans, you can work with a CCA agronomist that has all the tools and experience needed to create and manage your plan from start to finish. Plus, NRCS can pay for our planning services leaving more dollars for your operation!


Services offered
  • Agriculture Consulting
  • Custom farming rules
  • Real-time rate shopping
  • 100 freight shipments / month
Planing & Strategy
  • Agriculture Consulting
  • Custom farming rules
  • Real-time rate shopping
  • 100 freight shipments / month

Grid soil sampling enhances efficiency by providing farmers with precise information about soil nutrient levels, enabling them to tailor their fertilizer applications and optimize resource allocation, ultimately leading to reduced waste and increased productivity.

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Common questions
What is the purpose of NRCS?
The purpose of NRCS is to assist private landowners and agricultural producers in conserving and managing natural resources through technical expertise, financial assistance, and educational resources.
How can NRCS help me as a landowner?
NRCS can provide technical guidance on conservation practices, offer financial assistance programs for implementing conservation measures, and provide resources for improving soil health, water quality, wildlife habitat, and overall land sustainability.
How do I apply for NRCS assistance?
To apply for NRCS assistance, you can contact us, where staff members will guide you through the application process and help determine the best conservation practices for your land. They will also assist you in accessing any available financial assistance programs.
What types of conservation practices does NRCS support?
NRCS supports a wide range of conservation practices, including soil erosion control, water conservation, wetland restoration, wildlife habitat enhancement, and sustainable agriculture techniques. These practices are tailored to address specific resource concerns and promote long-term land stewardship.
Are there any eligibility requirements to receive NRCS assistance?
While eligibility requirements may vary depending on the specific program or practice, generally, private landowners, agricultural producers, and tribal entities are eligible for NRCS assistance. Heartland Soil Services can provide detailed information on eligibility criteria and program requirements for your specific situation.

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